Greenmarket is an innovative platform built for eco-conscious individuals to find and share sustainable solutions, products, and services.

From second-life technology to slow sustainable fashion, Greenmarket helps you live a “greener” life without sacrifice. Every brand and product on the platform have been thoroughly assessed, giving you peace of mind that when you make a purchase, you’re winning and so is the planet.

buy refurbished apple iphone to change the world. save water and reduce co2 footprint to be more sustainable and accelerate the circular economy by buying preowned smartphone and electronics and environmentally friendly phone

Only 12% of all mobile phones sold in the UK are recycled.

This means that 88% of these devices are dumped in landfill sites or stored at dumpsites, where they can cause problems for the environment.

Whether you're after the latest smartphone or gaming console, second-life technology should always be your first choice.

Greenmarket's refurbished tech looks like new, works like new, but are up to 40% cheaper with a 12 month quality guarantee! DISCOVER NOW


When you want to invest in new pieces, many brands take steps to minimise the industry's carbon footprint and implement ethical practices, too – all without ever compromising on style.

Some achieve it through the fabrics they use, opting for recycled materials or natural fabrics that biodegrade at the end of their life cycle. Others work on slowing down and reducing their production. DISCOVER NOW

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