Investing In Sustainable Food -

With 2022 being the year of inflations, recessions and rising interest rates, the market for investments has taken a drastic shift. The focus for several investors and companies is now the sustainable food system. Every individual has their own way of finding a path of sustainability when it comes to food. For example, switching to veganism or buying from the local market. However, no one has ever thought of the fact that the food industry is the most unaffected industry today especially due to the presence of the Russa-Ukraine conflict. This is one demand that almost never drops. Moreover, with consumers today caring more about whether their actions affect the environment in a positive or negative manner, several companies and factories that focus on producing, packaging, and selling products, are highly benefiting from these investments.

The sustainable food packaging industry for instance, is expected to grow to around $478.1 billion by 2028 due to the increase in consumer demand of bamboo straws and paper takeaway packages and the decrease in single use packaging products. UN-backed investors and global finance institutions have also set out fresh targets for a shift to a more sustainable food system. These new goals focus on reducing deforestation and expanding the use of agroforestry. The Dutch lender, Rabobank, has claimed to lock away 150 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year across its agricultural holdings by 2030 with the help of $113 billion assets set aside for this cause by the finance institutions. The multilateral funder of biodiversity protection, The Global Environmental Facility, aims to restore 420,000 hectares of degraded land and improve land management practices across 20 million hectares. All of this development and green initiatives and more will be set into place with the help of investments made towards these companies.

Path financials, a recent and proud partner of, helps everyone by ensuring that their investments are directed towards the most sustainable cause. Their calculations and estimates have shown that investing £100,000 in green pensions helps reduce 32 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions and can provide 2.9 million litres of clean water. The Nature Conservancy association pursues opportunities to collaborate with food and agricultural companies to enable wide-scale adoption of conservation practices and precision agriculture. Their aim is to engage large corporations and commercial farms with small holder farmers to drive a larger scale impact.

With global resources dwindling and the population increasing, it is time to focus on the main theme of 2022 – eco-friendly food/agriculture and its production. 20% of the population in the world still don’t receive basic food and nutrition and the only way to change is that is by delivering high-quality food in an efficient and environment-friendly manner. For this to happen, vast investments are needed. Every small step you take as an individual to make this possible, will result in a bigger difference across the globe. In the comments below, let me know any way you think the food system can improve and any experience you have had with investing towards this cause.