Tips to Reduce Global Warming -

Studies have shown that the temperature of Earth has increased by 1 degree since the pre-industrial period. Shockingly, out of the warmest 18 years, 17 have been recorded in the 21st century. So while we have been enjoying our cool rooms with the air conditioner on almost 24/7 and booking Ubers for small distance travels and throwing away food because we just couldn’t finish it, our atmosphere and environment have been deteriorating along with the planet. Talking about UK itself, global warming and climate change has impacted the country badly. Norfolk habitants have become homeless due to the land sliding into the sea as water levels rise. Moorlands in the Northwest region were set ablaze in 2018 when summer hit a new record, leading not only pollution but also soil pollution and loss of several green space.

Nevertheless, there are several tips and tricks that we can use and follow to make sure that the situation isn’t worsened and that our future generations get an opportunity to live life to the fullest just the way we are.

  • Let’s start with the basics: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The three R’s we have been learning since primary school.
  • Switching to electric cars instead of fuel ones seems like the right choice now.
  • Air, wind, and water – the 3 most abundant forms of energy available to us should be abused as they are replenishable sources of energy instead of digging the ground for the already depleting fossil fuels.
  • In the era of perfect lighting for the perfect photos and selfies, it is also equally important to pick out the right bulbs. Energy-star qualified LED bulbs are the most efficient option as not only do they use 20-25% of energy compared to normal bulbs, but they also last longer.

Well, the above are just the normal and usual tips that you can start following wherever appropriate. However, I would love to see how innovative you can get. In the comments, mention the one time you chose a sustainable route instead of an “easy” option because you thought it was better for the environment.

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