Green Travels

With Easter Break right around the corner for almost every student across the world, it is back to travel season and high fares. I believe that it’s the most perfect time to travel, especially with Spring just about to bloom and the cold waves dying down. This also means a rush hour on booking plane tickets and hotel rooms. All the big, expensive and luxurious ones with the largest brand name must have already been secured by now. How about, this coming holiday, we do something different and unique? Instead of staying in a hotel chain that would be the culprit to some extent for polluting the environment in some manner or the other, we choose to stay in a sustainable resort! Yes, that is a thing now!

Sustainable hotels, also known as eco-friendly or green hotels, are accommodations that prioritize environmentally conscious practices and reduce their impact on the environment. These hotels incorporate sustainable measures in their operations such as using renewable energy sources, reducing water consumption, promoting waste reduction and recycling, using eco-friendly cleaning products, and sourcing local and organic products. They also often provide guests with education on sustainable living practices and encourage guests to participate in environmentally responsible activities.

In addition to environmental sustainability, sustainable hotels also prioritize social sustainability by supporting local communities, providing fair wages and working conditions for their employees, and engaging in ethical business practices.

  • The Scarlet, Cornwall, UK - This adult-only hotel has a strong commitment to sustainability, from using renewable energy sources such as solar and biomass, to promoting wildlife conservation and offering eco-friendly amenities such as organic bedding and toiletries.
  • The Brando, French Polynesia - This luxury resort was built with sustainability in mind, from the use of renewable energy sources such as solar power and coconut oil biofuel, to the use of sustainable building materials like bamboo and thatch. The resort also has its own water bottling plant to reduce plastic waste and uses composting toilets to reduce water consumption.
  • Soneva Fushi, Maldives - This resort is committed to sustainability and has implemented numerous initiatives to reduce its environmental impact, such as a comprehensive waste management program, a coral propagation program, and a sustainable fishing program. The resort also has its own organic garden and sources food locally to reduce its carbon footprint.
  • Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel, Peru - This hotel is situated on 12 acres of natural beauty and uses sustainable practices such as solar panels, water recycling systems, and organic gardens to minimize its environmental impact. The hotel also has a research center focused on conservation and sustainability.
  • Bardessono Hotel & Spa, California, USA - This LEED Platinum certified hotel is a model of sustainable design and features such as a rooftop garden, solar panels, and an electric vehicle charging station. The hotel also uses sustainable building materials such as reclaimed wood and recycled glass.

Wow! Now that’s an extensive list of hotels. All these scenic and adventurous destinations have these hidden beauty spots that just make that place a better vacation place. Do not forget to look these places up the next time you are planning a trip. I know a few back around my hometown, Mumbai, that I really regret not visiting when I was still there. If you know a hotel in your city or around that practice sustainable habits, don’t forget to give them a shoutout!