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Refurbished phones are all the hype, and for good reason too. We are seeing further advancements in the tech industry everyday; phones with higher resolutions, updated features and longer battery life. However this comes hand in hand with a growing cost, in terms of emissions into the environment and a financial dent in our bank accounts. Refurbished phones do not have this same problem, they save 79kg of CO2 emissions from entering the atmosphere and are significantly cheaper in cost, hence rapidly growing in popularity, with 75% of the smartphone market made up of used and refurbished phones. 

This begs the question of if brand new devices are really worth it. Is your one year old phone really lacking compared to the newest release? For those of you considering purchasing a refurbished phone for the first time here is some guidance on what to consider. For those who are not yet convinced, at least consider taking part in the circular economy by trading in your previous device so it can be put to better use. 

  • Check the Grade of your Refurbished Phone
  • Refurbed phones are given a grade, typically from A to C, but watch out, this can vary from retailer to retailer. As a general rule, grade A refers to top quality, pristine condition, Grade B very good and C good. This depends on three factors: cosmetic imperfections, usage by the previous owner and the packaging it comes with. As expected, the higher the grade the more expensive it will be. 

  • Check the Warranty 
  • This is important to protect your purchase from any issues that may arise, which is particularly important with refurbished phones in the unlikely case the defect was not successfully corrected. Ensure you are going through a reputable seller and check the length, paperwork and provider that comes with the warranty. All phones sold on Greenmarket comes with a free 12 month warranty. 

  • Check the Accessories 
  • Some refurbished phones do not come with accessories, so bear this in mind if you need a new set of chargers, mains plug, headphones etc. Some do come with accessories, but it is important to check they are genuine and suited for the device. For example, if the electric current of the charger is not suitable for the gadget, it may damage the battery life of the phone. Many retailers and marketplaces including Greenmarket, don’t typically provide accessories as most users already have them and it’s a small step in saving e-waste going into our environment. 

  • Check for Network Locks 
  • Most devices are unlocked and ready to go. It may be worth making sure the device that you are thinking of buying will be compatible with your SIM card as some gadgets may be locked to mobile networks abroad. All Greenmarket phones will be unlocked so you can use your SIM as soon as your phone arrives. 

  • Check How Much you can get by Trading in your Previous Device 
  • Enjoy an even more financially friendly purchase by trading in your old device and contributing further to the circular economy. 

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