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Who knew time would fly by so quick? The first month of 2023 is almost over so here is your sign to fulfil whatever dream you had hoped to achieve before this year sets in in full spring. Buy yourself a new phone or go on a shopping haul or go crazy and buy a new house for yourself. But come on, I am sure by now you know that I would suggest that you pick a more sustainable option that would protect the environment and still be of complete use to you. What about a new home, you ask? In today’s day and time, infrastructure development has a big contribution to the world’s increase in global warming as it risks the lives of wildlife and human life, disrupts local communities, pollutes air and water, and emits the worse harmful gases. Several countries, including UK, have come up with the idea of eco-friendly homes that don’t only appeal to the eye but also to the climate.

Etopia is a fairly new start-up in the UK that focusses on sustainable precision engineering superstructure building systems. Wow that’s quite a lot of big words there. What this company basically aims to do is build sustainable homes and help their customers to make their houses net zero. Not only does this system help to build the structure quickly but is also easy on the pockets with low fuel bills and reducing the amount of carbon needed to keep them warm. They also help save up on the cost of labour, materials, and waste. Their system mainly relies on creating homes with panels made of recyclable materials that are much thinner than bricks. This means that it helps increase the space available for interiors and other designs. These panels are also extremely airtight, hence, preventing excessive heat loss, and therefore, reducing the need for more fuel and electricity to heat the home.

And here we thought we were done with the UK. Not at all! The city of Swansea and Gloucester has one ranked one of the most eco-conscious cities in the UK. This means that the people living in these cities make it their top priority to incorporate sustainability in their everyday lives and homes.

How about now, we explore the world a bit? In São Paulo, Brazil, SysHaus is a company that customises dwellings as per their customers. Homeowners can build their houses from group up with their own customisation of floor plans with a guaranteed use of recyclable materials in the construction. Moreover, there is also an option for adding a green roof, solar panels, biodigester, etc. All the way on the other side of the planet, in Sydney, Australia and in Hanoi, Vietnam, several builders have come up with green options for homeowners to design their houses that would not have a negative impact on the climate.

Looks like you do not have an excuse now! Spending tons of money to make your interior look beautiful and modern in one aspect of buying a new home, but who said that can’t be done with keeping the benefit of the environment in mind. And why stop there? You can also decide to equip your house with eco-friendly devices like washing machines, stoves, microwaves, etc. Let me know how you choose to make your house environmental-friendly.

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