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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say, “Green House?” A small glass covered building to grow vegetation at home? Well, that is one kind of a greenhouse, but this time, let’s try a different house. Homes all over the world today are installed with smart technological equipment that make living life much easier and efficient. Not only does it make functioning easier, but its also more suitable for the environment. There are several more innovations that are being released in the market each year that have proven to be carbon free and have zero harmful emissions.

Several people have the premonition that sustainable appliances aren’t of the best quality and are older models. Well, that isn’t entirely wrong but instead of investing thousands of pounds on a brand-new piece, isn’t it better to buy something cheaper that doesn’t only help your pockets but also keeps the environment safe? These eco-friendly devices use up to 10% to 50% less energy which drastically reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Nowadays, there are several brands that also make dishwashers and washing machines that keep check of the amount of water used and thrown out during every cycle which helps prevent excessive water wastage.

In the world today, there are several people who go without having three complete meals in a day which is extremely unfortunate while there are also those who throw away half of their meals just because they aren’t hungry anymore. Today’s advancements have ensured the development of an electric composter that can convert waste food into compost that can then be used in the garden. Additionally, environmental-friendly appliances also look after your pockets and bills. Such devices provide a lower annual energy bill than its counterparts. So instead of wasting money on unnecessary excess energy, those savings could be invested in something useful.

Here are a few must have eco-friendly appliances in your house in 2023:

  • Miele

Some of the best washing machine and dryers that have incorporated the highest energy efficient technology in their mechanics, are aiming to reach carbon neutrality by 2050.

  • SMEG

A company known for their eco cookers, hobs, refrigerators, etc make their models with metals like aluminium, brass and copper that are easily recyclable and reused, instead of digging the Earth every time and depriving it of its natural minerals.

  • LG

One of the world’s most famous housing appliances brand have launched an eco-friendly line of small homeware devices that require really less energy to function. In 2020, LG let its American users save around $40 billion in energy costs.

A new year sparks the urge to buy new things for yourself, your family, and your house but that doesn’t mean that it should come at the cost of violating the climate. Head to your nearest electronic store and instead of asking the assistant for the latest brands and models, ask them for the greenest appliance that would make the world a better place. Let me know what your first electronic purchase of the year is, maybe it could motivate someone else to buy it.

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