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With 2023 just a few months away, are you aware of the upcoming fashion trend? It is supposedly, multi-coloured images and bright accessories. From hoodies to oversized t-shirts to colourful scrunchies, the fashion industry has a new trend almost every season. The quick turnover of these fashion trends, however, leaves the world behind with millions of discarded waste fabrics and textile that have hardly come to any use, but have contributed greatly to the carbon emissions in the environment.

“Ultra-fast fashion” brands like SHEIN, Boohoo, etc. have been giving serious competition to Zara and H&M due to their lower price rates and breakneck speed to produce collections. These ultra-fast fashion brands charge a much lower rate for clothing’s resulting in at least 2 orders per month per person from these brands. This then results in a constant rapid production of clothing lines that are updated almost weekly onto the websites.

I mean, who doesn’t like new options every week… right?


New lines equals to disposing off the excess old ones that are now just a waste. Research shows that is takes 2700 of water to make one T-shirt. Seems extremely disrespectful to just throw away so much water on something that is swiftly binned. The environmental impacts of these brands are countless. From land pollution to burning in open fire across riverbeds, the rate of pollution and toxicity rapidly increases as the fashion demand never drops.

The young millennials and GenZ consumers of India have now turned to shopping from thrift stores as way to reduce the carbon footprint on Earth. Several thrift stores have also sprung up on Instagram lately proving the fact that the generation is turning towards recycling and reselling their clothes to increase their wardrobe shell life. This is the best way to go green with regards to the fashion industry as not only is it inexpensive, but it also doesn’t contribute to the piled-up landfills. Studies show that the ongoing trend of second-hand apparels is likely to increase by 126% by 2026. Several Bollywood stars have also adapted this trend, which means, it’s not late before it shows up as the headline for several fashion magazines.

Several celebrities across the globe have now shifted to thrift stores to stack up their wardrobes. From Anne Hathaway to Drew Barrymore, these famous people have a knack for saving the environment through their fashion style. Models like Bella Hadid have also now turned to being the ambassadors for second-hand stores like Sami Miro Vintage to promote re-worked vintage pieces. In the US, Santa Barbara is the hub for second hand stores and has some of the best collection with latest trends. Despite the stigma that clothes at a thrift store can be dirty and ugly, several consumers have decided to turn their heads the other way after shopping there just once.

Here at Greenmarket, we aim to promote green fashion in every way possible. From brands like Young Goat to Iron Roots, the online stock is kept up to date with every upcoming trend at the best and most reasonable prices.

Maybe it’s time to open your own pop-up thrift store to help the environment!

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