How Can My Gym Be More Sustainable? -

This one marks the beginning of the second month of 2023 and might just give you a bit of a reality check. So, to start off, let’s be honest, how many of you have stayed consistent with your new year’s resolution of going to the gym? If I have to answer this, I must say I have had a few off days, but things are getting better. That might be mainly because of the fact that my gym is literally 2 minutes away from me if I walk and I couldn’t be bothered to go to a one further away by a cab. Not only does that get heavy on the pockets but the entire idea of staying fit myself while pollution the atmosphere just didn’t seem very appealing. And no, this isn’t an excuse.

Each gym is equipped of several different kinds of machines and weights out of which many rely on manual motion while the others source their power from electricity. Unknowingly, machines like treadmills use up a huge amount of energy that in return have harmful effects on the Earth due to the release of greenhouse gases.

Here are a few ways your gym could implement sustainable practices:

  • Energy efficiency

Gyms consume large amounts of energy due to their usage of equipment and lighting. Energy-efficient equipment can reduce the energy consumption significantly. Several equipments now come with an ENERGY STAR label which symbolises the achievement of strict energy efficiency guidelines. Moreover, turning off equipment when not in use can further reduce energy usage.

  • Water conservation

Almost all gyms have locker rooms with showers and toilets, which typically use a large amount of water, which in return contributes heavily to water wastage. This problem can be fixed by installing low-flow showerheads, toilets, and faucets. Doing this could reduce water usage by 50%.

  • Green transportation

Now, not all gyms are in walkable distances which means that the publics would have to rely on motor vehicles to reach there. However, gyms can take the initiative of promoting the use of public vehicles and bikes to help reduce emissions. Like always, if the gym is in walkable distance, then might as well get a few additional steps in.

  • Community outreach

In the UK, there are several branded gyms that have chains across the country like The Gym. These big companies could choose to partner with local organisations in community-wide sustainability initiatives which can help raise awareness of environmental issues. In a way, this would also help boost the economy and publicity of the gym as the generation moves towards supporting brands that have a positive outlook towards the climate and global warming.

I can understand that a lot of you reading this right now may wonder how you can implement these changes at the gym. Obviously, you cannot directly make technical and mechanical changes around the place, however, you could take one step towards changing your practices at the gym like your mode of transportation or the cleaning products that you use there and promote the idea of eco-friendly awareness to the people around you. Who knows, you may just catch the idea of a trainer or manager there who might be willing to implement these changes around the place?

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