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A phone as good as new but much cheaper, what's not to like? Refurbished phones are a sustainable choice within the electronic market. As of 2021, 15billion phones were operating worldwide and 1.5billion smartphones were sold that year. Smartphones account for a disproportionately high amount of the carbon footprint emitted by information and computer technology, currently sitting at 125 megatons of CO2 emissions per year, a whopping increase of 730% since 2010. It may be hard to imagine life these days without a mobile phone; it's become a habit and part of our daily routines for many across the globe. However, this isn't an ask to give up your phones, just to recognise the implications the purchase and usage will have, and consider small adjustments that together could have the potential for massive change. 

Greenmarket not only offers certified refurbished phones, but will also plant a tree for each order, offsetting harmful emission through multiple angles. With top of the grade refurbishment for iPhones and Samsungs, this handset will last as long as a brand new gadget, with the option to also trade in your old device to go that extra eco-conscious mile. And if that’s not enough, they also offer a free phone case on selected devices. 

Still not sold? Each refurbed phone saves 79kg of CO2e from entering the atmosphere. From production, to transportation, to usage, phones have a monumental impact on the environment. It is one of the most resource intensive commodities, powered by precious metals and minerals, often mined unethically and unsustainably too for that matter. 

Want to go the extra mile? Using your phone for just one hour a day accounts for 63kg of CO2 emissions per year. Try cutting down on phone usage, or even aim for a technology detox every now and then. However, there are also tweaks you can make to reduce energy consumption without compromising usage; use wifi instead of data, make calls via your network rather than the internet, turn off automatic downloads and any unnecessary cloud backups to name a few. 

80% of emissions sit within the manufacturing stage, so although every little helps, the most impactful change you can make is hopping on the refurbished phone bandwagon. 

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