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Do you REALLY need a brand new phone every 3 years? Have you considered introducing refurbished phone to your life? 🤔

🌍 80% of the carbon footprint of a smartphone is created during the production process, with 16% accounted for by use during its lifetime and the remainder in transportation emissions getting it from supplier to consumer.

🌍 That makes it one of the most resource-intensive commodities on the market. It contains such precious metals as aluminium, cobalt, copper, gold, palladium, platinum, silver, tantalum, tin tungsten and others.

🌍 Not only is this a massive drain on these precious elements (many of which are predicted to become in short supply in the coming decades), but the mining efforts used to extract them also consume large amounts of fuel.

As such, the production process has a doubly detrimental impact on the environment – and that’s before the smartphone has even begun its life.

Greenmarket is a cutting-edge online marketplace where environmentally conscious people and organisations can explore and invest in sustainable solutions, products, and services ♻️

You need to upgrade your smartphone every so often, which is usually a huge unwanted expense. You might consider buying a certified refurbished smartphone on Greenmarket.eco to cut that cost down. Sold in perfect condition, the two main advantages of buying a used phone are saving tens, if not hundreds, of pounds and the benefit to the planet of saving an unwanted but otherwise perfectly good smartphone from going to landfill.

💚 All Greenmarket.eco phones are high quality and undergo strict checks to ensure they are sold in fully working order, so there is no catch!

💚 There’s less risk than you might think when purchasing a refurbished smartphone from Greenmarket.eco, thanks to the 12-month minimum guarantee protecting you in case of future faults.

Help the environment and help your wallet by purchasing a refurbished smartphone from Greenmarket🌿

Check out our website to explore surprising ways Greenmarket refurbished devices, including a range of iPhones and Samsung Galaxys help combat climate change!

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