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Reality TV shows are one the biggest money-making entertainment sources in the media industry. UK’s favourite and hit show, Love Island is back this year with a bang, with some interesting twists and turns that will make the crowd go wild. Last year, this show chose to dump the trend of fast fashion in their episodes and partnered up with eBay as means of supporting environment friendly clothing. This year, Love Island plans on sticking to its commitment towards to climate by promoting pre-loved clothes. If I must be honest, I had big question marks in my head when I first read the term “preloved”, but do not panic, it’s just a fancy way of saying “second-hand clothes.”

Based on this decision, you may be able to guess what happened next. Love Island set a trend of making all their models wear pre-loved clothes which has led to over 1800 searches in the UK alone on eBay for these types of clothes. A very smart tactic I must say by the show to manipulate the minds of the audience in a manner that will make their decisions benefit the surroundings. 49% of the population in UK are already convinced to rely solely on second-hand clothes in 2023. This might just be their new years resolution.

So why pre-loved clothes?

As we all already know, the fashion industry emits tonnes of greenhouse gases and waster materials that are extremely harmful for the environment and fast fashion boosts this negative impact as new lines and products are made more frequently than needed. Second-hand clothes aren’t only safer for the climate, but they are also easier on the pockets of the buyers. Surveys state that if every person in the UK bought a preloved clothing item instead of a brand-new product, around 6000 tonnes of waste could be avoided from being dumped on wastelands.

In this season of Love Island, a mindset of “reflective dressing” has been undertaken by the designers to focus on the 4 main themes that will dominate the episodes: Heavy Metal, Tutti Frutti, Business v. Party and Dressed up Denim. Moreover, some of the outfits that have been previously worn in this show will be brought back with some changes to length and prints to emphasize the preloved agenda.

2023 marks a revolutionary change in the ideologies carried forward by the fashion industry. Several brands have been asked to step forward in the sustainability direction and leave behind the greenwashing mindset. Stern steps and demands have been made to brands to enforce a green product line that can be easily communicated to the consumers.

Here are greenmarket, many more options in the clothing division have opened with latest designs and styles that would appeal to all. From jeans to sunglasses, some of the best sustainable brands have collaborated with us to reach out to a wider audience. Head out to the company website and check the collection out! Trust me, you wouldn’t know the difference between a fast fashion product and “preloved” one.

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