Natural World Fund - Our new environmental partner

We want to say a big thank you to our new environmental partner Natural World Fund.


Here at Greenmarket, we have chosen to sponsor Natural World Fund’s rewilding programme to not only help sequester carbon and reduce our carbon footprint, but also, and most importantly, to support our wildlife through the creation and restoration of wild habitats.


Natural World fund was set up by two nature-loving, childhood friends, Edward Jackson and Glenn Howes, who are fed up.


They are fed up with all the green washing around climate change, so people and companies can pretend to be doing much more than they actually are, or use it to justify continuing to pollute our air, land, and water. They are fed up with the many problematic tree-planting schemes, who just want to get as many non-native, fast-growing tree saplings into the ground so they can boost their stats, and don't do what's actually right for our wildlife. And they are fed up with the shocking declines in our wildlife that continue to get worse each year.


We are in the midst of a biodiversity crisis. 80% of our butterflies have declined since the 1970s. Flying insects have declined 60% in just 20 years. 70 of our bird species are at serious risk. 70% of our small mammals have declined over the last 50 years. One third of our amphibian and reptile species are threatened with extinction. The distressing statistics go on and on.


But Ed and Glenn could not go on. They decided enough was enough and chose to set up Natural World Fund to do something about it. Individually we can sometimes feel powerless - but together we can make a real difference to support our wildlife.


The most frustrating thing is it is all so fixable. We have lost 75% of our forests, 90% of our wetlands, and 97% of our wild meadows, so it is no wonder our wildlife is in such a dire situation. If nature doesn’t have a home, how can we expect it to survive? And that’s where Natural World Fund comes in.


Natural World Fund is a rewilding project that is focussed on rewilding to protect our animals. By restoring degraded land to forests, meadows, or wetlands, you are having a massive impact on biodiversity. You give animals a home and food that they otherwise would not have had, and this can have a massive positive snowball effect for the food web.


And they make it as easy as possible for you to join and start making a real positive change. It's quite simple; the more of you who join the project, the more land that can be rewilded. So here at Greenmarket, we are delighted to support such an environmentally-important organisation and do our bit to protect British wildlife.

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