New Year’s Resolution - 2023 -

A new year marks a new beginning for the technology industry by incorporating sustainability into this upcoming field. The normal population around you would have several new year resolutions like joining the gym, learning a new talent, etc. However, speaking from experience, these resolutions normally last a week or maximum a month. On the other hand, tech companies in the UK and USA have come with new year predictions that point towards a growing trend of sustainability in the tech department.

  • Climate Tech Investing

Climate tech is any technology or advancement made that aims to reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere and help prevent global warming from increasing. This year seems like the right time for businesses, start-ups, and entrepreneurs to start investing in climate tech. Between 2020-2021, the US market saw around 80% increase in investment in this market which helps boost tech development towards this cause.

  • Future compatibility

Companies in 2023 are going to understand that having sustainability in tech doesn’t necessarily mean controlling carbon emissions or releasing technology that fall under the category of carbon tech. Organisations are going to start focussing on other forms of eco-friendliness like having a more transparent supply chain, attending worker rights issues, etc.

  • Electric transportation

2022 saw the release of some splendid electric cars that weren’t only eco-friendly but also had the same features and looks to that of a fuel-based car. However, in 2023, let’s move on a step forward. This hybrid and electric-based technology will now also lay its eyes on trucks, planes, and boats. The use of efficient motors and improved batteries will take over other forms of transportation.

  • Fungi Food System

Now this may be a different angle to tackling the environmental issues put forth by the food system – Fungi. Mushrooms and other edible fungi have proven to be an effective fermentation tool to make protein rich food. This tactic not only reduces animal abuse but also drastically decreases the carbon footprint of this industry.

  • The Solar Trend

Every new phone launched has its own trend that carries it for the year round and it becomes the greatest hype amongst teenagers. This year let’s change that trend a bit and move it towards the benefits of using solar energy in day-to-day life. Several companies this year have been said to be releasing several home appliances that would solely rely on solar energy and other reusable resources to generate electricity instead of fossil fuels.

Now I know that these new years resolutions seem too far stretched to complete however, with the help of government funds, several European and US based companies have decided to take it upon themselves to move a step forward in the right direction. How about you? Any of your new resolutions would help the environment?

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