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Over the past few months, I have covered several aspects of our lifestyles that can be made sustainable and provided tips and strategies on how to do so. Today’s topic is a bit interesting and to be honest, shocking – Physical activity. When COVID hit in 2020, several people around the world took it upon their heads to focus on their health (physically and mentally) whilst sitting at home. Now, you may wonder, what does physical activity have anything to do with environment. Well, you would surprised as to how much of an impact this area of our lifestyle affects the world. Let me introduce you to something called as Sustainable Physical Activity.

Sustainable physical activity is any form of exercise that is conducted with sufficient duration, intensity, and frequency for promoting health, and at the same time requires the use of fewer equipment, electricity, and energy for food production. For example, exercise in the local community would naturally favour the use of lesser fossil fuels as there is no need of transportation from one place to another. Also, green physical activity also encourages people to go back to the basics like using less equipment and appliances for everyday task like using a cycle instead of a bike or just simply walking. Finally, the last way of ensuring an environmental-friendly routine is by also balancing food intake as that would require less food production along with saving loads of energy.

Several companies across the globe produce sustainable gym equipment for those who would still choose to go to a gym instead of working out at home. These machines, however expensive, do reduce the amount of energy consumed to power them. SportsArt is a fitness company that has come out with a line of cardio machines that uses human exertion to form usable electricity. Now that is something completely innovative and one kind of motivation. The more you sweat, the more you exercise. Besides machines, weight-adjustable dumbbells are also an option for non-electronic gym equipment. Not only are they cheaper and save space, but also conserve environmental resources. The Iron Company is another brand that sell flooring rolls and mats made from recycled and reclaimed rubber instead of PVC (a kind of harmful chemical) and phthalates. Other green material options like cork, cotton and hemp can also be used to make these equipment as thy are non-toxic and sustainable.

As global warming increases every year, it is extremely important to start worrying about climate change and the future of this planet. For all the gym freaks out there who can’t spend a day without exercising, its time to target and promote eco-friendly gyms around you. These gyms help people improve their health and fitness but at the same time also lend out a helping hand to the environment. From reducing water consumption at gyms to recycling plastic waste and provide recycling, times have change even for places like fitness centres. To be honest, before today, I had never heard about a Green gym. I know where I am heading the next time I have a big meal and need to burn down those unwanted calories. What about you? Are there any eco-friendly gyms around you?

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