Small choices don't add up, they compound -

A carbon footprint is the total greenhouse gas emitted by an individual, event, organisation, service, place or product, conveyed through carbon dioxide equivalent using the relevant 100-year global warming potential. 

Our simple everyday lives can have a complex interplay of effects on the environment, thus we find it vital to make changes in more ways than one. It is formative to begin by becoming aware of how our choices and lifestyle harm the planet. From awareness, we are then able to reassess our choices and find alternatives that are more sustainably conscious and eco minded. 

This is made possible by the carbon footprint calculator. In an age where every purchase we make, every trip we take and every activity we plan can have a substantial impact on our surroundings, we believe it is key to take accountability and find sustainable alternatives or methods to carbon offset.

This aligns with our 4th principle of sustainability; decarbonisation. Through blockchain technology we are able to offer transparent and certified offsetting of any given carbon footprint. Our greenmarket tokens simplifies this in a way that is accessible and attainable for anyone and everyone.

Our mission doesn't stop there. By tackling one we can tackle them all, we plan to empower our consumer base to turn that one sustainable choice into a sustainable lifestyle, inspiring our 6 lifestyle categories. These have been carefully customised to encompass the main contributors to the carbon footprint of individuals and organisations: 

  • Technology - We provide a marketplace for refurbished tech at premium quality, reduced prices and benefits to the environment 
  • Home & Lifestyle - We promote sustainable brands in skincare, fashion and homeware
  • Food & Drink - We encourage ethically sourced and sustainably produced plant based diets 
  • Mobility - We support sustainable travel and electric vehicles 
  • Energy - We advocate for renewable energy sources and eliminating fossil fuel usage 
  • Content - We educate our user base on sustainability and prioritise raising eco awareness 

Why not reconsider your lifestyle habits and choices, particularly in the above categories. A small change made today may seem futile to begin with but has the potential to have a seismic impact. Small choices don't add up, they compound and together we can become carbon neutral, transitioning to a truly circular economy

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