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From sending letters through birds to telegrams to flip-phones to iPhones, technology has advanced tremendously over generations and decades to help us live a more peaceful and carefree lifestyle. However, all of this came at a cost. Loads of unpaid or under paid workers and huge amounts of carbon emission. But here’s a twist, there are some cities in the world that have tried to overcome all these hazardous issues and be more eco-friendly.


One of the greenest and smartest cities with over 3000 parks, the government has several plans on making it an even more environmental-friendly place to live in. From increasing the number of electrically charged cars to enhancing connectivity at homes to cleaner ways of building new infrastructure. London has also come up with sensors via CleanTech to calculate and tackle issues of pollution and climate change.


This capital city of Switzerland launched “Smart City Zurich” in 2018 and hopes to incorporate a smart building management system that maximizes heating, cooling and electricity throughout all the buildings there. Moreover, this plan aims to conserve resources and protect the environment with the help of digital transformation. At the end of the day, the government seems to be wanting to improve the quality of life of every Swiss citizen that lives there.

New York

Now who would have thought that one of the most populated and modern cities in the world also has the most number of sustainable initiatives. In 2019, NYC passed the Buildings Emissions Law that placed a carbon emission cap on buildings and hopes to be able to reduce these emissions by 80% by 2050. Several start-ups have also invested billions into climate technology and green goals.

Saving the environment and hoping for a better tomorrow is the only thing on everyone’s mind today. From small towns to big cities, developing countries to developed ones, a better tomorrow is waiting for the future generations.

How are you going to contribute to this movement?

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