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Yoga, meditation, spa, who doesn’t like to feel relaxed and more connected to themselves. These forms of activities help a person find deeper meaning about their purpose in life and makes them more focused and determined. Breathing exercises tend to change people from within but what about the world?

Ever heard of Spiritual Sustainability?

There have been several laws and steps taken by governments of different cities to make the world a better place but there haven’t been any significant differences been made yet. Maybe every person in the world needs to heal themselves first before trying to make the Earth eco-friendly. A calm mind and a healed heart is the first step towards self-healing and towards spiritual sustainability.

Several studies and research papers have termed the relation between a person’s soul and the environment as Biophilia – an attitude of profound respect and attachment to our environmental surroundings. To be honest, when I first read this, I was a bit surprised but then it all made sense. What is the point of trying to help the environment if you do it just for the sake of it and not because you want to make an actual difference? 

Moreover, several millennial influencers have taken it in their hands to express their character and personality through sustainability and sustainable choices. For instance, Arbella Bartelloni and Tanya Ravichandran are upcoming TikTokers who choose to express themselves through sustainable fashion. These upcoming social media stars state that before buying any clothing item, they think of at least 10 different ways they could style it so as to not waste the item just after wearing it once. Thrift shopping has now been proven to be an upcoming manner through which the GenZ find a new meaning of life and well, “themselves”. This ideology goes hand in hand with sustainability as thrift stores sell and popularise recyclable clothes.

Self-expression, Spirituality and Sustainability are all interlinked. When asked, fashion bloggers and writers from all over the globe stated that spirituality provides an inkling towards the hidden meanings of life. Once discovered, a person can use that definition to express themselves through the growing value of sustainability.

It’s high time that instead of blaming the government bodies of different cities, we take a look at ourselves and our attitude towards the entire idea of an environmental-friendly surrounding. The first step needs to be self-heal and a connection to the environment before indulging into the different steps of sustainability.

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