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As an International student in the United Kingdom, my first priority was to get my accounts straight so that I could stick to a specific budget. Technology has reached so far today with its advancements that several companies have come up with online solutions or apps that can help track daily payments and create a monthly budget for you. Now, some of you may wonder that how reliable are these apps? Or is there a premium version that we may have to pay for to experience the whole experience? Is it worth it?

Here is a list of some highly recommended apps that have been developed to help you save money and spend smarter:

  • Mint

One of the best budgeting apps of 2022, Mint is mainly a US and Canada based app that has connected with more than 16,000 financial institutions and has helped over 17 million individuals with their financial accounts. This app works by bringing together all bills, payments, and finances in one place and can put it up in a graph format for you to track. Moreover, the app also generates saving goals each month for the user to get inspired from.

  • Groupon

It is every students dream to get discount on food, shopping, and travel. The first thing I at least search before going to any restaurant, is whether there are any offers going on UniDays or UberEATS, etc. Groupon is one of the most popular coupon app that provides discounts and offers over a wide range of amenities. The workings of Groupon are fairly simple, all the users must do is show the coupon while purchasing the selected product or service to activate the discount.

  • Truebill

Tell me if this is relatable? I get these random emails at the end of the month that suddenly tell me that a certain amount has been deducted from my account for a subscription I bought years ago. I am always so confused and frustrated when this happens. If only I had heard of Truebill before, I could have saved so many pounds. This app scans online statements and subscriptions and provides alerts on a monthly basis if a random subscription is detected in your statement, or if there is a change in a specific subscription fee.

  • Spendee

Now, there may be many of you out there who may not want to sync their entire account to an app due to security and privacy concerns, which, to be fair, is valid. Spendee doesn’t require you to do that, however, it does ask you to manually enter your expenses into the app for it to analyse your monthly expenditures. Reviews have said that this app goes well along with some of the above-mentioned ones.

Now only if I had this list of apps in my first year at university or had done some kind of research on ways to save money, I would have been able to save so much more time and money. Although, for my readers here, it isn’t very late for you. Which app do you think suits your style the best?

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