Black Friday? Green Friday! -

It is the most awaited time of the year for all the shopaholics out there and everyone who can’t wait to splurge their salary on the new fashion lines, technology, and food out there in the market. You guessed correct! Black Friday is coming up and has some crazy deals that follow it. From big brands to small, every shop provides some sort of discount on their products. However, how about this year we turn Black Friday into Green Friday when it comes to buying new technology? I am sure all the major phone brands will have a very compelling sale talk to attract you to their stores, but how much this time, instead of buying new phones, we look at refurbished phones?

Not only are refurbished phones cheaper than original/first-hand phones, but they also have a positive impact on the environment. Around 140 million smartphone units are thrown into the garbage each year, out which, 80,000 pounds of lead gets leaked into the Earth. Now, I don’t need to state how harmful lead poisoning can be for agriculture, animals and plants that surround or consume it. Recycling old phones and making new ones means that a lot of the material needed to initially make brand new phones is reduced, which leads to a reduction in use of raw materials from Earth, hence, a decrease in the amount of electricity needed to produce and manufacture this and consequently, leading to a reduced amount of harmful carbon emissions into the atmosphere. So, you see, one smart purchase, has so many benefits.

Let’s talk about one of the biggest brands that today’s generation cannot seem to get their hands off – Apple. Each year, Apple releases a new iPhone and every year, the whole world eagerly waits to see the upgrades and new features that are added on. Although, I am sure I speak for a lot of people out there when I say, is there really a difference between all these phones other than camera quality and their extremely steeping prices? Here is an idea – this Black Friday let’s look at Refurbished iPhone 8 and Refurbished iPhone 11, but here’s the twist, ensure you look at refurbished versions of these phones. Amazon to Argos, all online websites along with the official Apple website, promote and sell refurbished forms of these phones at much cheaper prices. The original price of an iPhone 11 is nothing less than £579.00, but the recycled one is £279.99 plus because of Black Friday, companies are offering and additional 20% off making the grand total to only £239.99. Now, that is framing to be one good looking Christmas this year.

A lot of people worry about battery life with refurbished phones, which is a fair concern. There is nothing to worry about. Every recycled and reused phone has its battery tested and if needed replaced if it doesn’t qualify above its 80% life mark. Our very own brand,, helps promote companies that are pro-environment and help manufacture eco-friendly technology. Do not forget to drop by this Black Friday. This year, let’s make it a Green one!

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