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When someone says technology, at first, there are very specific brands that come to mind like Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, etc. The past few months we have focused on the sustainability tactics of Apple and how reliable their products are in terms of environment health. However, Samsung hasn’t been left behind in this new generation race of promoting eco-friendly technology that would help prevent global warming. In 2022, Samsung released an eco-conscious report that wrapped up all the developments that the brand made towards the cause of reducing climate change. In 2021-2022, the company launched green smartphones and monitors that were made of recyclable materials for its parts. Moreover, the company also increased its use of renewable energy by 31% instead of using fossil fuel.

Just like other companies, Samsung too has long-term strategies and aims to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050. One of their aims is to use recycled resin in all of their plastic components as a manner of reducing water and air pollution along with reducing the amount of waste disposal on landfills. Additionally, by 2040, the brand aims to increase energy efficiency in their products by 30% by using carbon capture procedures and a specific method called the airborne particulate matter reduction procedure, especially in their products like smartphones, TVs, washing machines, etc.

Creating these tech products doesn’t only mean establishing green methods in the making process but also in the delivering and packaging processes. By 2030, Samsung aims to use electric based vehicles for transportation between factories and distributors instead of fuel-based ones.

With this in mind, Samsung hopes to switch to circular economy instead of linear economy. This means that instead of having one-time resource consumptions, a circular economy would help reuse and recycle the materials. They also have health and safety labs that test the elements being used in the composition of a product like a smartphone to detect their effects on human health along with the climate. The goal is to minimise any health conditions that could be escalated by these materials.

The latest release of the S series by Samsung solely relies on these environmental-friendly decisions. Here at, we are selling refurbished Samsung phones at a much cheaper price but of the best quality. Now, I do not need to reinstate how helpful purchasing refurbished phones are for the environment and your pockets. Do not worry about the battery life, as each phone is tested and checked and have their batteries replaced if they aren’t up to the mark.

However, there is only so much these companies can do. At the end of the day, it is in the hands of us consumers to help and support the wise goals of these companies by supporting their production instead of purchasing something extremely fancy because the trends compel you to do so, instead of thinking logically. So this year, what is it going to be? An eco-friendly phone or tech equipment that achieves the same function as any other hi-tech product while simultaneously protecting your surroundings or a fancy smartphone that would last only for an year while damaging the resources of the Earth?

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