Is The iPhone 14 sustainable? -

2022 marked the launch of a brand-new iPhone 14 model by Apple into the technology market with several variations in physical size, colour, and memory size. Starting at a whooping cost of 849 pounds, this model started selling like hot cross buns in all the shops. Now, there’s nothing wrong with buying a new upgraded phone for yourself, but it is a reckless expense when you don’t investigate several options that are available for buying the same model. Every new phone produced and bought contributes heavily to the environment in an extremely negative manner. The production of one iPhone would normally deprive the Earth a bit more of its natural minerals and elements, cause tremendous amounts of greenhouse gas emission and toxic waste disposals.

Each year Apple moves one step closer towards reaching its aim of becoming a zero-carbon footprint company, which would essentially mean that Apple wouldn’t contribute to global warming or carbon dioxide emissions into the surrounding. They planned to move this effort even during the production of iPhone 14, making it the most climate friendly device launched by the brand yet. This series is designed with 100 per cent recycled Earth materials and tungsten metal for the body and engine. It doesn’t end there; this series is also made up of recycled tin and gold which is essentially used for the circuit boards. Apple also decided to incorporate this eco-friendly agenda in the assembly and packaging process, making it have a net-zero impact.

Here at greenmarket, we are proud to say that iPhone 14 has been launched on our website too. You may wonder, what is the difference between buying it from us and from the official Apple store? Our aim to sell refurbished iPhone or recycled iPhones which would help reduce global warming and have a positive impact on the environment. Moreover, with every sale, we plant a tree as way of making it up to the environment. Additionally, it is way easier on the pocket to buy a refurbished phone than a first-hand piece. Do not worry! A recycled phone doesn’t mean that its functioning capacity is reduced. Every phone is checked for quality working class and the sold with a warranty period.

This year again, Apple would be launching a new line of iPhones. Not only that, but they would also even come forth with a new series of laptops and iPads. Instead of recklessly purchasing this new model on the first day of its release or even the first month, take a minute and think about how your actions could impact your surroundings. Then take the next wise step!

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