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Over the years, we have seen several countries evolve and innovate in the field of technology, taking the term of modernization to another level. With each country involved in what seems like a tech race towards making the future a better place, they tend to forget irony of the situation. How do you expect our forthcoming generations to enjoy the world we lived in if there is nothing left? The economic, social and the biggest of all, environmental impact on the planet rises with every innovation and discovery. You may ask how is that possible? Well, the need for more fossil fuels, raw earth minerals, energy sources, etc are already moving at a high speed towards exhaustion. However, the GenZ have finally taken it into their hands to address these major issues and bring it to everyone’s awareness. Today, globally 68% of the citizens across 34 countries are willing to adopt sustainable technology policies.

From developments of new smartphones to buildings, from transportation to food, change has been seen everywhere to promote a zero-carbon footprint work front. The UK industry trials have given out funds to over 8 cutting-edge technologies that emphasize their aim of being eco-friendly. Starting from reducing carbon emissions, increased efficiency in resource usage and saving energy. The Carbon Trust in UK claims that this initiative would be the first step towards UK being net zero.

Post Black Friday and its insane deals, all eyes are on the Christmas sale and what kind of products will be delivered into the market this year. Let’s pause here. Instead of going out of the way and trying to help boost the economy of these tech and fashion industries, it’s time to make an attempt at helping the environment. This year, instead of disposable or one time use gifts, I am going to turn my eye towards gadgets made in a greener manner.

  • Nokia X30

This device was made by keeping sustainability and longevity in mind, so this one will definitely last you longer than next Christmas. With 100% recycled aluminium and 65% recycled plastic in its body, this version of the smartphone has the smallest eco-footprint. Moreover, if this gadget ever dies on you, the company reassures it to be recycled to better use.

  • Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse

This wireless mouse takes care of the rapidly increasing water pollution issue as a fifth of its body is made up of the floating trash collected from the ocean and other water bodies. Additionally, the eco clicker is blended with other virgin materials to make it more environmental-friendly. It doesn’t end there. The packaging process of this gift would be in wood and sugarcane instead of plastic – other manner in which the world is saved by global warming.

  • Urbanears Boo Tips

If you haven’t guessed from the name itself, these are ear pods but with a slight twist. 91% of it is produced using recycled plastic from water bottled, air conditioners, etc. Not only are they comfortable for the ears, but they also have a small footprint.

With the world changing, the trends are shifting. No one wants an extremely expensive gift anymore as long as it comes from the heart. Then isn’t it better that the money you spend goes to a useful cause? The list of sustainable tech and gadgets to gift your friends is endless as new companies come up with ideas to make the industry carbon free. If you haven’t made you shopping list yet, do some research and let me know what’s the first thing there?

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