Top Sustainable Phones of 2022 -

Today’s generation solely survives on social media, internet and well, the route of all problems – smart phones. From constant recharging of batteries to negative mental impacts of social media, the invention of a smart phone has both positive and negative impacts on human beings. Moreover, the price the environment has to pay for this technological advancement is tremendous. For instance, rare earth materials need to be mined for making the body and batteries and the carbon footprint left behind touches a whooping 55kg of carbon emissions for each phone made. Besides that, human right issues like child labour and under-paid workers also go unattended several times. However, the world has now turned towards a sustainable and more eco-friendly way of producing these phones, keeping in mind the Earth.

We all know that buying a refurbished phone might be one of the best and most sustainable way of upgrading your phone but there are several big and small companies have come up with solutions that benefit the users, workers, and the environment. As 2022 comes to an end, smarter options and choices have opened up in this field that have been developed by focussing on the three important ‘R’s – reuse, recycle and reduce.

  • Fairphone 4

The topmost sustainable smartphone being sold on amazon as it is voted the most repairable phone on the planet. Each part of the phone can be easily replaced and reused from old phones and can be done easy at home too (DIY). Additionally, Fairphone favours good working conditions. The only major issue is that it is on available in Europe and not everywhere on the planet.

  • Teracube 2e

With a four-year warranty and low repair fees, this smartphone is available for only $299 at Teracube and is made of 25% recycled plastic components. It is also claimed to be “the world’s most reliable phone. One Tree Planted is an organization that has partnered up with Teracube and plants a tree every time a new Teracube phone is purchased.

  • iPhone 13 pro

This newly launched phone is the greenest and most sustainable one ever released by Apple. The company has used 99% recycled tungsten to make the components along with 98% of recycled rare earth materials from old phones. Additionally, Apple uses a trade-off scheme where in old phones can be returned and given a new life cycle.

  • Google Pixel 5

A DIY repairable and relatively sustainable phone that can be fixed at home, comes with easily replaceable components. Even with its luxurious look, Pixel 5 is made of 100% recycled aluminium, making it solid, sturdy, and safe.

  • Samsung Galaxy S22 series

Samsung released this eco-conscious phone in 2022 that is made of 20% recycled ocean plastic obtained from fishing nets. This format of rescuing plastic from the ocean has helped save marine life (flora and fauna). The inner parts of the volume and power keys are recycled components made from old phones. The company also aims to produce zero waste for landfills by 2025 through their Samsung Galaxy’s for the Planet Mission.

Global warming has been increasing rapidly every year and its in the hands of the inhabitants of this planet to make smart and safe choices for the benefits of our future generations. One of the ways this can be done is by making a green choice while picking your next smartphone. Greenmarket sells and promotes refurbished phones that have a much lesser carbon footprint that new ones. This Black Friday, which refurbished smartphone are you investing your money in?

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