Greenmarket and The Tech Octopus have joined forces to provide a Fast, Free & Fair way to sell your old, used or unwanted tech! 📱♻️🌍

Tech Octopus can provide a quote in less than 30 seconds. 

Prices are guaranteed for 14 days and shipping your iPhone back to us is free and easy.

Why should I sell my smartphone?

Unlock the Value of Your Tech: Sell Your Used Phone and Get up to £840 Today!

Did you know that over 50 million smartphones are sitting unused in people's homes, when they could be recycled for extra cash? If you have an old phone or other tech gathering dust, we can help you turn it into money – and help the planet, too.

At Greenmarket, we’ve partnered up with Tech Octopus to offer you great prices for a wide range of devices, from the latest Samsung models to older iPhones. And, if you sell to us today, we'll guarantee that price for 14 days.

The planet friendly way to upgrade your phone

But we're not just about making a quick sale – we're committed to making a difference. That's why we aim to re-circulate as many devices as possible, so they don't contribute to the global e-waste problem. We'll put your device back into the hands of another customer, or responsibly recycle it if we can't. By doing this, we're helping to reduce the environmental impact of smartphones and other tech, and creating a more sustainable future for us all.

So why let your old phone go to waste? Sell it today and unlock its value – both for your wallet and for the planet. 🌍♻️✌🏻

Choose Your Phone

Choose your phone or use the handy search bar at Tech Octopus to find your model. Provide some details about the storage, network and condition of your device.

Package Your Phone

Complete your sale and package your phone up carefully. We suggest you use bubble wrap to add that extra protection during transit.

Free Delivery

Send your mobile back to us. Either take your packaged phone to the Post Office or arrange a Royal Mail home collection.

Secure payments

Once Tech Octopus receives and test your mobile, they'll process your payment and it should be with you the same day.