The Greenmarket Ecosystem is built on our four Principles of Sustainability


We provide the technological tools to measure environmental impact. Through content, partners and the products we sell, we teach people how to live better with less.

Our four step framework enables sustainable habits to easily be set and maintained. We also empower our people and partners to educate others around them.


We support the transition from linear to circular, to not only eliminate waste and pollution but stopping it being produced in the first place.

Our solutions empower the technical cycle of products being reused, repaired, remanufactured, and recycled.


The regeneration of nature is the quickest and easiest way to give back to the environment, leading to a healthier climate and the protection of biodiversity.

Greenmarket not only plants trees with every transaction but supports various partners who aim to restore nature and balance the ecology of our planet.


Through green blockchain technology we offer transparent and certified offsetting of the Carbon Footprint of any given activity, product or organisations.

Using the Greenmarket Token we simplify offsetting and achieve measurable positive climate impact.