100% Recycled, UK-made, 3-Ply Kitchen Towel

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Serious Tissues is a soft, high quality, 100% recycled, 3-Ply Kitchen Towel, that is made and sourced in the UK. Each roll has 100 sheets, and comes in a pack of 6 individually wrapped rolls. We're planting a tree for every roll sold. 


Please allow 2 - 3 days for delivery.  

Serious Tissues are on a mission to help fight climate change and we're starting in the bathroom. Products are zero-waste, with no unnecessary packaging and no unnecessary chemicals. Serious Tissues are also the UK's first carbon-neutral toilet roll, on top of which they also plant a tree for every roll sold.

Each 3 pack of Serious Soaps removes 1kg of ocean-bound plastic from nature. A single bar soap removes one-third of a kilogram of ocean plastic.

Free Delivery with next day dispatch - Please allow 2 - 3 days for delivery.  

The average adult will use 384 trees-worth of toilet roll in their lifetime. Crazy, right? Serious Tissue are on a mission, the mission is to not just get people to stop that damage but to reverse it! 

The team at Serious Tissue also want to make a change in our oceans. Every minute enough plastic to fill a rubbish truck enters our oceans. The average family of 4 uses over 40 hand soap bottles in a year; it’s time to make the change!

Check out the range of that Serious Tissue's have to offer! 

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