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Scent: Eucalyptus
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Revitalize your body and mind with our high quality Epsom Salts with essential oils. Renowned for soothing tired, aching muscles and easing migraine, our Epsom Salts are made from the purest grade magnesium sulphate. 100% natural and safe for you and the planet.

Epsom Salts benefits

  • Eases strain and relaxes tired, stiff or aching muscles
  • Relieves pain and muscle cramps
  • Promotes sleep and stress reduction
  • Soothes your nervous and digestive systems
  • Helps to eliminate toxins from your body

Instructions for a luxuriously healing bath

For general wellbeing, dissolve approximately 250g of Epsom Salts into your regular bath water and relax for at least 20 minutes.

For muscle relaxation use 500g-1Kg of salt per regular sized bath and relax for as long as comfortable for you (the longer the better).

Choose from the following essential oil scents:

Rose Geranium - soothes and heals sensitive skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne and shingles.

Eucalyptus - relieves coughing and clears chests, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory for wounds and deeply soothes joints after exercise.

Lavender - Calming and soporific, eases anxiety and depression, helps sooth skin conditions and burns, reduces inflammation, soothes insect bites and itching.

Our Epsom Salts are BP (British Pharmacopoeia) Grade Epsom Salts.

BP Grade Epsom Salt, also known as Magnesium Sulphate was named after the town of Epsom in Surrey where it was originally prepared from the town’s mineral waters.

1 kg contained in a recycled, recyclable, biodegradable cardboard canister.


We aim to despatch orders via Royal Mail within 24 hours of payment on business days (Monday to Friday) but at busy times this can sometimes be longer.

We package all orders in recyclable or compostable packaging, ready for decanting at home.

Any orders over 2kg and under £50 will be charged at £6.50


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Planet Detox, Greenmarket. Sustainable Marketplace. Green Eco hub

Planet Detox has developed a range of ethical cleaning products which have totally annihilated the need for any plastic packaging.

Our products are designed to provide excellent, powerful and effective cleaning without using any ingredients which will hurt you or our planet. We use minerals and essential oils in our products, which safely remove dirt, grime and odours and our ingredients are naturally antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal.

Planet Detox is committed to finding solutions to our massively damaging plastics and chemical overuse. We keep our products as simple and safe as possible.

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