Linen tote bag

Color: White
Sale price£39.00


A casual, minimalist linen tote bag, available in 10 colours (see our colour palette). A perfect bag for shopping, day-to-day errands or even the beach. You can easily fold it and carry it in your bag to always be eco-friendly and not use plastic bags.

*This listing includes one linen tote bag
*Made in Lithuania from medium weight European linen
*Stone washed for maximum softness
*Size: 60x50 cm
*Available in 9 colours
*Certified fabric (no harmful chemicals used in production)

Wash your linen tote bag in cold or warm water on a gentle cycle. Best to dry naturally in a shady spot. No ironing is required and we recommend not using a dryer. However, if it is a must, use a tumble dryer on a low setting (cannot be hot). Do not dry clean as it weakens the fiber.

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