Palo Santo Sticks - Natural incense

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This special wood has cleansing, healing properties infused within the smoke. It is a celebrated incense used in rituals to cleanse the room before a ceremony and to banish harmful ghosts. Palo Santo helps to facilitate spiritual and energetic practices, such as meditation.It is also a wonderful bug repellent when burnt in the summertime and it protects clothes from moths (place 2-4 pieces in your closet).Palo Santo is considered holy by the people native to the land and is worshiped as a living being. The tree is respected by the indigene nations, it is forbidden to fell the tree. After a period of 40 to 50 years, the tree naturally dies and falls over. It then rests on the ground for at least two years before the wood is harvested.Directions - Burn Palo Santo directly, for incense. Light it, blow on it gently to keep the ember alive before it starts burning on its own. The wood needs to be in contact with the flame for at least 30 seconds before it’ll burn   in earnest. Place the smoldering wood on a non-flammable dish and away from any flammable material.

Bundle includes 6 sticks.

Sustainably harvested from naturally deceased and seasoned wood. It is forbidden to fell this tree. Product of Peru.


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