Razor Handle

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Remains Standing | Nordic Design | Optimum Weight | Long-lasting

Made of brushed aluminium with a high-grade ABS plastic grip. Perfectly weighed and easy to use, comfortable design works exclusively with our face and body cartridges for a smooth shaving experience. Our handle remains standing without any supporting part, which not only helps to keep your cartridges cleaner but also looks elegant. 

What is most liked about our TAKK Razor Handle?

TAKK Razor Handle is developed by using state-of-the-art technologies and high-quality materials together with a clean and fresh Nordic style design and superior engineering to provide maximum precision and to give you the best possible shaving experience.
TAKK professionals suggest that TAKK Razor Handle is comfortable to use and hold for a smoother and close quality shaving experience for both body and face.

Our unique design:
Provides optimal control
+ Consists of high-grade ABS plastic grip
Is perfectly weighted and comfortable in the hand
Suitable for grooming for women, men and all genders

Stands tall

All of our formulas are suitable for vegans, and we do not harm any animals in any part of our supply chain. We are currently in the process of registration with the leaping bunny certification to also ensure this with an audit of an independent organization.

At TAKK, we have local production first policy. However, we were not able to offer the quality we want to guarantee to our customers with local production. We have also looked for European production sites but due to oligopolistic nature of shaving industry, our desired quantities were not mass enough for the EU sourcing.

Therefore, our razors are one of the rare TAKK products that are imported. The handles are produced in South Korea and the razor cartridges are produced in China. Being fully transparent is an important pillar of our sustainability stand. Therefore, we claim all the details of the production chain rather than doing the final assembly here in the UK to be able to claim produced in the UK. We are committed to move our production to the UK or if not possible to a closer destination with the EU.

Since we couldn’t make local production possible, we prioritised durability of the products. We have chosen the highest quality possible with a smart design for long lasting products so that our waste is minimised. Our razor cartridges can be used up to 10 times safely.

At TAKK, we believe in the importance of valuing everyone fairly. In order to ensure that we have a diverse workforce, we pledge to actively advertise roles in communities which are traditionally held back in the workforce. We ensure that everyone is treated equally and compensated fairly.

First delivery of your order will occur in 2-5 business days. 

TAKK only ship to the UK.

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