Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Mirror Black 256GB Fair

Barcode Number: 5056627024092
Colour: Mirror Black
Sale price£359.99


There’s nothing quite like the past. And with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung mobile phone users can experience the delight of the flip phone from ‘way back when’, with the innovative technology of the future. Samsung have created a wide-screen smartphone that Flips totally and neatly in half. So it fits better into your bag, purse, or pocket. And with ultra- strong and flexible screen and body, you know you can flip and unflip as much as you need to without damaging your phone. Experience your smartphone the way you want to. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip features several different screen configurations, so you can view, stream, and share exactly however fits you best. UnFlip completely for a widescreen, cinematic view, or split your screen across the top and the bottom for multiple views at once. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is built with Flex Display, so you get an uninterrupted, seamless view no matter how you choose to watch.This throwback to the past is packed with future-ready features. From the incredible 6.7 inch FHD+ AMOLED display, to the ultra-fast 5G connectivity. You truly get the best of the past and the future with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.At 4gadgets, we pride ourselves on unbeatable variety, value, and customer service. So buying your used or refurbished Samsung Galaxy Z Flip couldn’t be simpler, or better for the wallet. We offer a wide variety of colours, storage capacities, network providers, and grades. All shipped out via FREE next day UK delivery. Worried about your used or refurbished phone’s quality? Worry no more. Every 4gadgets purchase is subjected to rigorous test protocol, and is covered by a 12 month warranty.That’s not even the best bit. With 4gadgets, not only can you purchase a pristine condition, refurbished, unlocked used Samsung Galaxy Z Flip for a discount price. But you can also opt for a SIM only contract for yearly savings. One problem; with all these savings to be made, these mobile phones don’t stick around long. Get yours now!

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