Sodium Carbonate with Tea Tree Oil

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  • Alkali, therefore it dissolves grease and fats
  • Naturally occurring mineral in many parts of the world
  • Non-toxic to you and the environment
  • Water soluble and biodegradable
  • Softens hard water
  • Do not use sodium carbonate on aluminium or lacquered surfaces

Cleaning your washing machine

Washing machines can become clogged with dirt, scum, limescale and bacteria such as E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) . Giving your machine a monthly clean with our SodiumCarbonate with Tea Tree Oil will keep it in good condition, lengthen its life and improve thequality of your laundry. The added tea tree oil kills bacteria, deodorises and is an antifungalagent.To use: Simply add 500g of the Sodium Carbonate with Tea Tree Oil directly to the drum ofyour machine and run on a hot, empty cycle.If you have rarely cleaned your washing machine, you might find that this initial cleaningprocess has brought out black gunge and detritus into the drum. Don’t worry, this is a sign thatthe powder has done a good job in shifting the build up. Simply repeat the process again tocomplete the clean.

Clearing normal sink and drain blockages

Drains and sinks become clogged with fats, soaps, hair and debris. As soon as you discover ablockage treat with the Sodium Carbonate with Tea Tree Oil which will dissolve the fat andgrease that’s causing the problem . The added tea tree oil acts as an antibacterial andantifungal agent, removing bacteria and odours.To use: Pour 1 litre of boiling water down the sink and allow it to drain away before pouringapprox’ 250g of the powder into the plug hole. Add a further ½ litre of boiling water and allow todrain away. This will thoroughly clean the pipe but to check any blockage is removed, pour afurther kettle’s worth of boiling water into the sink. If the blockage remains, repeat the processagain.A cup of the powder, followed by hot water, can be poured down sinks and drains on a weeklybasis to prevent greasy buildups and clogging.

Clearing moss and algae

Patios and driveways can become slippery and overgrown with moss and algae. Sodiumcarbonate is really effective at removing this problem.To use: Wet the area to be treated and sprinkle the Sodium Carbonate with Tea Tree Oilliberally to the affected area. Leave for up to two days. The moss or algae will turn brown. Use astiff yard broom or shovel to remove the dead material.

Pots and pans

Sodium carbonate is very effective at removing burnt food and stubborn grease from potsand pans.To use: Simply add a cup of the powder to the pot or pan (do not use on aluminium), addboiling water and allow to work overnight. Drain, rinse and wash as normal.

Bathroom and kitchen tiles

Sodium Carbonate with Tea Tree Oil is really effective at removing water and soap scumfrom household tiles and grouting. With regular use it will prevent the build up of tile mould,while the added tea tree oil is a wonderful natural antifungal agent.To use: Add 2 tablespoons of the powder to approx’ 2 litres of hot water, allow to dissolveand apply to the tiled areas with a rough cloth. Rub hard and use a scourer on the grouting.Rinse down with hot water and dry with a cloth.


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