Tab top linen curtain

Size: 53x64" / 135x163cm
Color: White
Sale price£93.00


High-quality linen curtains that feature a tie top for easy hanging. Available in a huge selection of size giving a suitable option for all kinds of interior designs. Great choice for modern, traditional, rustic, urban, contemporary, bohemian, Scandinavian, or simply classic home design. These are a timeless & classic curtains that will decorate your home with fresh effect. The minimalist pattern creates a pleasant aesthetic look. Semi-sheer linen curtains that will help create privacy and coziness in your home. Adds charm and elegance to your interior design while it feels both luxurious and modern.

• Includes 1 piece of curtain / 1 curtain pan
• Sewn-on tab top for easy hanging
• Large selection of sizes
• Length (curtain length DOES include tab top hanging!)
• Beautiful color options to choose from
• Made from 100% European flax
• Semi-sheer linen
• High-quality linen fabric
• Stone washed for maximum softness
• Certified fabric (absent of harmful chemicals). 

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