TAKK Starter Pack

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A perfect introduction to the luxury of minimalism.

Toothpaste, 75ml
Hand Soap, 200ml
Shower Gel, 250ml
Body Lotion, 200ml

Toothpaste, 75ml - Whitening | Well-balanced mint flavour | Vitamin E | Developed by a dentist | Made in the UK Developed by a dentist.

Natural fruit enzymes help to dissolve stains on your teeth. Vitamin E for gum health. Natural mint for breath (not overwhelming or underwhelming, just the right amount of freshness). Blend of non-abrasive whitening ingredients. The smiling part is up to you!

Hand Soap, 200ml - Moisturising | Refreshing Fragrance | Gentle Texture | Made in the UK

Effective cleansing agents supported by glycerin for moisture. Improved formula to work in hard water areas. Smells like a breezy citrus garden. Press and give your hands a good wash.

Shower Gel, 250ml - Refreshing Fragrance | Gentle Texture | Moisturising | Made in the UK

Has everything for the freshness your body needs every day. Cleansing agents supported by humectant glycerin for moisture. Gentle texture and energising aqua smell for an invigorating shower experience.

Body Lotion, 200ml - Fast Absorbed | Refreshing Fragrance | Non-greasy | Easy Application

Balanced for a pleasant application and deep moisturising. Its soft and rich aqua smell enriches the experience. Enjoy the relaxing sensation of the gentle texture and energising refreshing fragrance. It works well for all skin types and all body skin. Feels good. Smells good.

All of our formulas are suitable for vegans and we do not harm any animals in any part of our supply chain. We are currently in the process of registration with the leaping bunny certification to also ensure this with an audit of an independent organization.

At TAKK, we are proud of our simplified supply and production chain which provides true environmental benefits. TAKK Aftershave is produced in Bretton, and only travels to our warehouse before coming to your door, which significantly minimises the carbon footprint and the outer packaging waste.

At TAKK, we believe in the importance of valuing everyone fairly. In order to ensure that we have a diverse workforce, we pledge to actively advertise roles in communities which are traditionally held back in the workforce. We ensure that everyone is treated equally and compensated fairly.

First delivery of your order will occur in 2-5 business days. 

TAKK only ship to the UK.

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