Plastic-Free, Zero-Waste, Laundry Detergent

Title: Lavender
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Ocean plastic is a serious problem, every minute enough plastic to fill a rubbish truck enters our oceans. Serious Tissues have created a plastic-free, zero-waste laundry detergent strips. They're ultra-concentrated into strips so they don't require a plastic bottle. Just pop them in the machine with your washing and they dissolve into liquid detergent. Not only that but for every pack we recover 1kg of ocean plastic - the equivalent of 50 plastic bottles. 

LIGHTWEIGHT -  Pre-measured, lightweight detergent sheets pack the perfect amount of clean for the perfect wash. They are far smaller and easier to transport and store than traditional laundry options which means a 90% smaller carbon footprint. It also means they take up much less space in the cupboard and are ideal for taking away on trips. 

EASY TO USE – Put your clothes into the washing machine. Just add one strip for a normal wash or two if heavily soiled. No need to measure out liquid or powder so no mess or risk of spillage. No fabric softener is required and the strip dissolves completely.

OCEAN CLEAN UP - Our product is plastic-free and each pack removes 1kg of ocean-bound plastic from nature. This is the equivalent of fifty 500ml bottles or 500 crisp packets. Subscribe for a year and that’s 600 bottles removed from the ocean.
Product Info:

  • Non-bio
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Free from parabens and SLS
  • Plastic Free and fully biodegradable
  • Carbon Neutral
  • Free of added dyes, phosphates and chlorine bleach.
  • Works with all standard and HE machines
Choose one of our three variants: Lavender, Fresh Linen or Sensitive (Unscented).

Serious Tissues are on a mission to help fight climate change and we're starting in the bathroom. Products are zero-waste, with no unnecessary packaging and no unnecessary chemicals. Serious Tissues are also the UK's first carbon-neutral toilet roll, on top of which they also plant a tree for every roll sold.

Each 3 pack of Serious Soaps removes 1kg of ocean-bound plastic from nature. A single bar soap removes one-third of a kilogram of ocean plastic.

Free Delivery with next day dispatch - Please allow 2 - 3 days for delivery.  

The average adult will use 384 trees-worth of toilet roll in their lifetime. Crazy, right? Serious Tissue are on a mission, the mission is to not just get people to stop that damage but to reverse it! 

The team at Serious Tissue also want to make a change in our oceans. Every minute enough plastic to fill a rubbish truck enters our oceans. The average family of 4 uses over 40 hand soap bottles in a year; it’s time to make the change!

Check out the range of that Serious Tissue's have to offer! 

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